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Crossing Paths Podcast

11. John Allred

By Crossing Paths Podcast

John Allred is a talented musician that spent the past decade in Utah during the music boom. He’s a Connecticut native but currently resides in Las Vegas where he can be found playing shows 6 out of 7 nights a week. He recently returned from a 6-month musician residency in Singapore and while he was there he produced his new album “Anchor”.

9. Tracy Nguyen

By Crossing Paths Podcast

Tracy has spent the past decade in Field Marketing. She’s currently helping thousands of tech organizations build tech skills with Pluralsight. She’s also one of the few Asians I know in Utah. Join our conversation comparing our different (but same) upbringings.

2. Chase Christensen

By Crossing Paths Podcast

Chase is a tech, auto, and style guru. He’s a social media certified extraordinaire with a love of comics and movies. There’s nothing that Chase isn’t good at, maybe breakdancing, I don’t know. We didn’t discuss that. But we did talk about his early divorce to a happy new marriage, Chase talks about his triumph through the trials.